How to make a topographical map of a lake.?

Idealy id like to make a 3D cardoard model of the lake beside my appartment complex for fishing/boating. Sonar seems too expensive and i really just want a model of the lake. Not instantly know exactly where the fish are at that moment.   I dont know how much height should be in between each line when it comes to water temperature and how far down the fish will actually go. The lake used to be a gravel pit so it could be very deep.  


The lale has went down a lot recently so i am able to get much closer to the center than i will be next year

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  • Rick
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    1 month ago
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    You can come up with an outline of the lake itself using google maps Google Earth feature.  To map the bottom for contour lines you will need at least some sort of boat or raft and a marked weighted line to establish depths.  A simple bottom sounding fish finder can be bought for less than $100 that would make the task simpler.

    • austin4 weeks agoReport

      Solid point. In worried that the google map wont be up to date or as accurate as what i want to make. Since the water level and therefore overall shape changes so often and so much. The weighted line and boat are a genious simple idea. I will look into bottom sounding fish finders for under $100. 

  • 1 month ago

    Like a diorama?

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