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Airline seat belt length clarification? Any personal experiences?

Husband is flying for the first time, and is a man of some size and considerable height so needs as much leg room as he can get! First class doesn t have enough leg room, so he will need an exit seat, but you can t get and exit seat if you need to use a seat belt extender. Researched the different seat belt lengths for different airlines, but are those lengths for "will fit up to these size of waistline" or is that the length of the seat belt itself? Probably self explanatory but... He usually wears a 48 waist if it helps.

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  • AJ
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    3 weeks ago
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    FC will work for him. I've seen other guys that big fit in FC seats. I have also seen  near 7 footers sit in FC with no problems.

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    Seat belts vary in length even on one aircraft. If its been frayed or damaged and repaired or replaced it could be shorter or longer. The 16 inches would have to refer to each side not the total - otherwise even children would have problems doing them up.

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    Those exit row seats are for passengers who agree that they can assist evacuation, because they are agile and fit. If you check in SearGuru, you can get the dimensions is all seating, by airline and class.  I cannot believe that FC does not work for you.  Unless you are in the smallest and cheaoest airline, FC always had more leg room. Another possibility is a bulkhead seat.  And yes, he might need to purchase 2 seats.

    • Ericka3 weeks agoReport

      The seat belt extender is the only parameter of the guidelines he may not meet, even though I'm 99% sure he would be just fine and we're being cautious. First class had 4" extra leg room, exit seat had 9" which is why we were shooting for it since he's 6' 8" tall.

  • John
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    4 weeks ago

    If not three..............

    • Ericka4 weeks agoReport

      Nope, not according to the airline. Thanks for being *super* helpful.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    He will need two seats.  

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