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About liabilties for horse on my property?

My friend have two horse needing to stretch few days a week. I have 14 acres property with no one to cut grass and weed down but owner does not want the liabilities. I need something to assure her its my responsibility

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It's not your property.  She would be held liable for everything concerning someone elses horses on her property.  Including, but not limited to...them escaping and getting hit by a car, anyone getting kicked or bitten by them, etc.etc.etc. Find a licensed boarding operation to board the horses at.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You mean that you manage or lease 14 acres, Jay. That's not the same thing as owning the land outright, and it doesn't give you the same rights. If your landlord says she doesn't want horses on her property, you need to respect that, and keep them off of it. And you can hire someone to keep the grass cut, for Pete's sake. You don't need horses to do that.

  • 1 month ago

    It may be your responsibility, but liability lies with the owner.  If she allows horses to be kept on her property, she bears some of the liability, and maybe all of it.

    Even if you have a contract with her relieving her of liability, that won't help except in a liability towards you.  For example, if a horse hurts you, she's covered.

    However, if you fail in your responsibilities, and someone else is hurt, that person has no contract with you and will sue her and probably win.  For example, if the horses get out, run on the road, cause an accident, and someone is injured or killed, that person can come after the owner for damages, punitive damages, and so on.

    Her liability insurance is unlikely to cover it unless she has a clause covering horses - which costs a lot of money, so she probably doesn't.

    This a real, genuine, and possibly huge liability.  Recognize that, and get over it.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Write a contract accepting liability.   You'd be foolish to do so, and she'd be foolish to think that will 100% protect her.   It's still your property and they're still her horses.

    Perhaps your friend is concerned not just about liability, but about actual risk to the horses.    If they're not used to fresh grass, they could founder if put on pasture 24/7.   Is your fencing safe for horses?   Is there a water source?  What is your manure management plan? 

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