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Are there some fast food chains from Canada?

Other then Tim Hortons, are there fast food chains/restaurants from Canada or are all fast food chains from the US?

Starbucks, chipotle, McDonald’s, Burgerking, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, subway, KFC, Popeyes.

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    Baker's Dozen Donuts

    La Belle Province

    Booster Juice

    Burger Baron

    Captain Submarine

    Chez Ashton

    Chicken Delight

    Coffee Time

    Country Style

    Dic Ann's Hamburgers

    Dixie Lee Fried Chicken

    Donut Diner

    Edo Japan

    Extreme Pita

    Fast Eddie's


    Greco Pizza 


    Hero Certified Burgers

    Jimmy the Greek 

    Lafleur Restaurants

    Lick's Homeburgers

    Manchu Wok

    Mary Brown's

    Mr. Sub

    New York Fries

    Pita Pit

    Robin's Donuts

    Second Cup

    Swiss Chalet

    Thaï Express

    White Spot

    Yogen Früz

    241 Pizza

    Boston Pizza 

    Freshslice Pizza

    Gabriel Pizza

    Greco Pizza Restaurant

    King of Donair


    Mother's Pizza


    Pizza 73

    Pizza Delight

    Pizza Nova

    Pizza Pizza


    Topper's Pizza

    There's a buttload more.  Maybe try using a website called "GOOGLE"

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    How come we never heard of this.

    The only one I heard of is toppers pizza

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    Tim Hortons___

  • jimmy
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    There are loads of them. A & W, Mary Browns, Greco Pizza, Swiss Chalet, are just a few.

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