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Ryanair cabin crew base ?

Hi guys, I have a Ryanair assessment day next week. The position I applied for just states the location as Manchester but I think that’s just for the assessment day. Does anyone know if you choose your base once offered the job? I’m based in liverpool and would not be able to commute to Manchester for work. If anyone knows if they do ask you what base you’re looking for please let me know! Thank you!

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    Why don't you ask HR at Ryanair? It seems like a reasonable enough question.

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    I live close to both Gatwick and Heathrow so have known and worked with many former cabin crew and a few flight crew.

    Your shifts usually start and end at the airport you’re based from. Sometimes you’ll be told that your shift starts or ends at a base which is not near to you, so you’ll have to find a way to and from home for those as well. Sometimes they’ll lay on crew buses which you take in your own unpaid time, sometimes you get to a nearby airport and in your own time fly “deadheaded” on your own fleet or on those of competitors whom they have reciprocal arrangements with.

    It’s worse for flight crew: they can be asked to start or finish in different countries.

    EasyJet don’t have a Liverpool base. So if you’re based from Manchester that will be where you’re expected to start and finish the vast majority of the time. Move closer, or buy a motorcycle so that you can bypass the traffic jams. And make sure that you have good family or friends in Manchester as you’ll be crashing their sofas occasionally.

    Attend the assessments, do your very best, and then deal with the problems as they arise.

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    No, you don't get to choose. They tell you where they need their staff. If the one you applied for is Manchester, then thats where they expect you to be based.

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      Thanks! How do you know this please?

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