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If a guy has friend zoned you and you wernt happy so you ignored him. why would that bother him if you wernt close?


We never dated but I fancied him

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    It would bother some people, it wouldn't bother others. Many people just don't appreciate the "friend zone" like its some horrible thing. Most wouldn't drop from lovers to friend zone because problems can arise from it. If there was love between the two, or love at least going one way or the other, it's difficult to be around each other. In that case keeping your distance from each other, at least to start out, is for the best. If two people can go from lovers to friends there was probably a lack of any real feelings between the two to begin with, so it doesn't bother them. In that case it wouldn't matter that they're around each other. There'd be no jealousy, no envy, no broken hearts etc.

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    Guys like to be the ones in control, in friendships and if they like someone, so imaginably, he doesn't like the fact that you're the one that ignored. Its honestly just an ego thing.

    However there is always that possibility that he enjoyed your company and maybe even wanted to see where things would lead to despite the fact he friend-zoned you.

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    No one likes to be ignored, particularly someone who you're supposedly friendly with. Stop looking for flattery and just move on.

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