My friendship is coming to an end and I can't do a thing about it?

Ever since she got a boyfriend and moved away, she's always busy now and makes time for her other friends and tells me not to take it personal, she's not seen them in forever unlike me but I am taking it personal, I just want things back the way they used to be.

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  • tony
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    4 weeks ago
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     If neither of you are sharing the little nuances in your lives with each other, that’s a major indicator that your friendship is cooling isn’t the end of the world – after all, you have bigger fish to fry. It happens to us all and it’s just one of those painful, inevitable parts of growing up.

    it is a hopelessly normal part of growing up. At some point or another, life tears even the best people apart and it’s not always malicious or intentional. It’s just the way things happen. There are going to be times in our lives where we want everything to last forever but they simply can’t – and it’s nobody’s fault or responsibility to fix. It’s just the way the chips fall. The best times are all fleeting, by their very definition. It’s their exceptionality that sets them apart.

    So when we arrive at these points in our lives – where the people who’ve made up all our yesterdays branch off toward their own tomorrows – we have to learn to make peace with their choices. We have to learn to take a step back from resentment and our pride and our loneliness and remember that there are an infinite number of new characters that have yet to make their debut into our lives. That the best times to date are behind us but that doesn’t mean the future doesn’t hold even better opportunities for friendship and love. But if we remain so fixated on what we’ve lost, we’ll never see what’s still left to be found.

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    • Yes, I hope to find people like her and share more amazing memories with them one day.

  • 4 weeks ago

    It's just one of those things you have to be honest about but nicely. You could ask her when she's free or I'm assuming she's moved quite a bit away so maybe you could be willing to travel to see her. Unfortunately things cannot always be how they used to be. People grow up, she's started a fraction of her adult life and has a relationship and other people to worry about and she must obviously still value your friendship but you need to communicate and you need to understand she's probably doing the best she can to juggle everything.

  • david
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    4 weeks ago

    Your lives have taken you to different places.  Maybe someday you'll rekindle. It happens.

    • Perhaps. I always liked our talks on the phone. They are not the same anymore though.

  • 4 weeks ago

    sounds normal to me - people grow up and move on, nothing stays the way it is forever.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Okay, that's a slightly sad story. Now what is your question?

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