How safe are the African nations to visit?

I have been to South America and Asia and I am curious about visiting Africa.  I am American and a little uneasy about Africa as I would fear that I would be either murdered or i would catch a disease. the parts of Africa I am most interested in visiting are North Africa and East Africa.  I tend to like deserts and volcanos more than jungle. I think I would be able to assimilate better to morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. I think I would also be able to assimilate ok in Somalia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Eritrea.  I would also like to go to Mali, Mauretania, Angola, and possible Zaire.  I can speak basic Portuguese. I am very Muslim Friendly and I do think Somalian women are quite pretty. I am aware of the politics of nations such as Algeria and I am quite favorable to Bouteflika. I would likely avoid Libya as I am an admirer of Qaddafi and think I would likely get into trouble there. I would really like to meet Tuaregs, Igbo, Hausa, Wolof, and Berbers.I am curious about How Africans would receive me. Asians tend to be very friendly towards me  especially in China. I am also a Muslim  

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    Africa is a huge continent with many different countries. Most are as safe as anywhere else to visit. Thousands of people every year go for safaris in several countries, or to Morocco or South Africa. I have never heard of any of them being murdered.  Cruise ships stop in Morocco- and they do not go to risky places. 

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    Africa is a decent continent with more than 54 countries! Tanzania is best country and peaceful! When visiting Tanzania you can come either for holidays/ business partnering with local agencies! We are a local Tanzania tour operator offering wildlife safaris/Kilimanjaro mountain: We will take you on your lifetime holidays! See our local guide here

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    I’d say go with Morocco first it has great culture and if very open to travelers since it’s a very central hub and has been for centuries. But I know people who have traveled or were born in africa and the best advice they gave is look at the government. If it’s a dictatorship or in strife stay away if it’s stable and have tourism centers they tend to be safer options and have facilities to help accommodate foreigners.

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