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How do I write a note to my crush ?

I want to give him my number but I want to write something sweet but not to forward that I want to date him lol so what should I write? Please help me 

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    I think the best way of conveying your interest is by showing him rather than telling him. Hence, what I think you should do is to drop hints to this guy that suggest a more meaningful attraction by asking him questions that will get him to reveal his personality. That sort of approach is really attractive to a guy as it shows him that you are interested in connecting on an emotional level. Additionally, if you feel that he needs further encouragement, you could try doing things like complimenting him and talking about fun places that you would like to go to with him. I really hope that this helps :)

    Source(s): Do you ever get the chance to talk to your crush when he is on his own or have any classes with him?
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      Thank you this did help me but Friday is the last day I will see him and I want him to kn that I want to be close friends but I’m to shy to tell him face to face and I’ve been dropping hints but he don’t get it lol so I was just going to give him a friendly letter 

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