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What do fire stations do with Babies?

So my friend found a safehaven fire station she plans to drop her 2 week old at because she is not mentally or financially able to take care of her and no one in her family is fit. We are having trouble finding out like what happens after they take her?

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    They go into the foster care system for a temporary home and will usually end up adopted.

    Basically - the firefighters turn the baby over to the foster care (child services) in the area and they place the baby in a temporary home until they can find a suitable family to adopt the baby permanently.  

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    As a baby, the child will be turned over to an adoption agency or state foster care but will be adopted. Babies always are. The mother could go directly to an agency and choose the family if she wants.

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    Good for her for making a good decision for her child, and making sure her child will be safely cared for.

    They will contact social services, and a foster family will care for her child until an adoptive family is chosen.

    Source(s): Adoptee and Adoptive Mom.
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    The child goes into the system... will end up in foster care. And the parent will have a hard time getting the child back.

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  • They keep them and raise them to become the firefighters of the future.

    Or, they contact whatever child and family service administration that exists, who takes the baby to a hospital, where they give it a physical exam and food, and then the baby goes into the system where they will hopefully be adopted.  Healthy white babies are usually the quickest to get adopted.  That's a fact.  Healthy non-white babies are next quickest.  Kids with health problems (like having Down's Syndrome) tend to get passed around from foster home to foster home, and older kids have a lot of trouble finding a permanent adoptive family.

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