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POLL: Have you looked up a lot of people from your past on the Internet to see what they are up to but NOT due to contacting them?

My parents who are anti-technology say this is stalkish and not to do it. So I am wondering if they are just old school or if indeed this is stalking? I never try to see the people in real life unless I message them wanting to get together. However, I do look up people from my past (like grade school) wondering what they are up to. Some I Facebook friend while others I just want to see what they are doing but not make contact with them. I also have looked up my uncle's ex-wife and my bio-father who I wish not to meet. The bio-father I look up stuff on frequently and his family. Do not wish to meet any of them as of now but always curious about them. Bio-Father left my mother when she was pregnant with me and never returned calls offering for him to meet me. He;s been married and divorced twice since I was born. I am 19. I also see he has a sibling who is a hardcore sex offender in jail for 56 years. As a result I am very hesitent to reach out. Both grandparents have died I see (one had already when my mother knew him). He was 44 and my mother was 20.

So long story short, is this stalkish or not? Wrote the long story to explain why I am looking the birthfather.


martin: Yeah, never do I intend to find any of it to cause trouble for these people or commit a crime. I purely look out of curiosity and safety in the case of the birthfather if he were to look for me one day or his family. The other people all curiosity. Never out of any malice or ill intent and never to actually see the people unless I have messaged them already and spoken to them. 

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  • martin
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    There's nothing inherently wrong with using people-finder websites. But if you wish to get information as part of a plan to cause trouble for these people, then you are preparing to commit a crime, and that alone is criminal.

  • Smokie
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    4 weeks ago

    No I have not looked up a lot of people from my past on the internet or elsewhere. The ones I wanted to know about I stayed in contact with over the years and stayed in touch. Figure if I didn't care enough to say in contact all along, why search for info covertly now.

  • Rick
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    4 weeks ago

    nope. ...................................................

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    Done it. They've done it to me too. And some... I actually met in person at random going back to 1 of my 20 hometowns.

    Everyone does it, I'm sure. Except people like your parents.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    No, I don't look up people from the past.

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