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how old do u have to be?

how old do I have to be to go to Japan, I heard there's an age limit to go there :(

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    Alone ? You need to be at least 18 ...

    If you have a family to stay with while you're there , you can be any age .

    But an adult would have to meet you at the airport .

    Thumbs down on a correct answer ??? LMAO !

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    All airlines have a minimum age of 18 to be able to fly internationally.

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    Go there to do what? Kids can travel with parents to be tourists. To fly internationally anywhere, anyone under 18 needs permission from their parents. Many high school students do exchange programs in Japan. Many college students do study abroad programs there. If you're talking about going there to work, Japan does not encourage immigration. You have to be able to get a job- which usually means having a degree in something useful. 

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    There is no age limit as long as you are with an adult. If you are alone, you have to be 18 or so.

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    My kids have been there several times, around age six, age 14, and age 21.

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