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If a cyclist on a bicycle collided with a jogging pedestrian who would more likely lose balance and fall?

Who would be more likely to get knocked down by the collision?

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    There's a simple way to avoid the entire scenario...  DON'T ride on a dual purpose path.  Been there...done that.  A prime example is the path around Forest Park in St. Louis, which is roughly 5.62 miles in length.  Actually...there's two paths - "Heels & Wheels".  The 'Heels' path parallels the 'Wheels' path and is comprised of finely crushed stone & packed earth.  

    The original idea was to separate the slower walkers & joggers from the faster cyclists, inline skaters & those who might even be on a skateboard.  But did they ever enforce it?  NO!!!  Clueless walkers & joggers wearing earbuds listening to music or whatever wander back 'n forth.  There's NO WAY for a cyclist to announce his or her presence.  Result?  They both go down.  The cyclist usually gets bounced at an angle towards a softer grass landing.  The jogger/walker might go down in the grass, but usually ends up on the asphalt.  Depending on the angle of attack & speed...they both lose.         

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    In a real-world scenario, it’d depend on If either of the two had more advance warning. Speed of impact, angle of impact, force of impact. Skill, sense of balance of those involved. Generally, a person on foot has a greater ability to compensate for a sideways impact.

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    There are 4 probabilities of what the outcome of such a collision could be as it relates to falling:

    1) Both the cyclist and jogger falls.

    2) Neither the cyclist or the jogger falls.

    3) Only the cyclist falls.

    4) Only the jogger falls.

    A combination and arrangement of variables and data will determine which of these 4 probabilities statistically is most likely to occur. 

    Technically speaking this isn't a true bicycle question.  It's more of a Probability and Statistics question which means it's a Math question.  Therefore use the Edit icon to move your question to the Science & Mathematics>>Mathematics section. 

    Source(s): Motorized Bicycle Owner and Builder.
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