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Maintenance & Repairs: My friend's grandad often says "tune in" when referring to watching a particular TV show - what does that mean?

Putting a number into the remote could hardly be called "tuning in".

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    Like an analog radio, 

    the earliest TVs had continuous tuning through the range of channels. 

    Channel selectors with click stops were available pretty soon afterward, 

    but the terminology stayed the same. 


    Even with click stops, the fine tuning control had to be reset 

    if you changed the channel. 

    That inconvenience was nearly eliminated, too,  

    with the advent of individual-channel "preset" fine tuning. 

    If you want a different term to be used, you can start trying to convert everyone, 

    but it had better be a short, easy, and friendly word if you want it to be accepted. 

  • khalil
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    4 weeks ago

    i think he says ... do not change this channel ...

    especially, when there are some beautiful angels on the show.

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    to turn it on to that channel

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    Even until the early 1980s, many new TVs literally had to be tuned in to each TV station by turning a dial, exactly like tuning in to any radio station when it’s not assigned to a preset button.

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