poor broadband /wifi?

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  • GTB
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    3 weeks ago

    and your question is what??

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    4 weeks ago

    complain to your ISP.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Well which is it? If the broadband is poor discuss the problem with your ISP. If the WiFi is poor then it is really your problem and you have to find the solution.

    Use the Internet connection from an Ethernet connected PC and turn off WiFi in the router. This removes WiFi from the situation. If you still have issues, then broadband may be the issue but there are several factors that can affect it:

    1. ISP is limiting the speed.

    2. There is a problem in the ISP's end of the connection.

    3. There are cable/line problems.

    4. There is a problem with your modem or router.

    5. There is other traffic on the broadband connection you are not aware of. This can happen if a neighbour is connected to your WiFi and hogging your bandwidth.

    If it seems like an ISP or cable/line problem, then the ISP should fix it. It is worth asking the ISP about broadband problems.

    If the broadband is okay, then you need to check out the WiFi network:

    1. Try changing the wireless channel the router is using.

    2. Change the WiFi pass phrase (password). This will disable all WiFi connections. Reconnect your one device and see if the problem still exists. If it is clear then you may have had a freeloader stealing your bandwidth.

    3. Try a different device on the WiFi network. Some devices have compatibility issues with certain routers. A different device may work well confirming this problem.

    4. Check that all the devices on the WiFi network are using a good WiFi mode. Just one device using 802.11b protocols will slow the whole network.

    The ISP may be able to offer some advice about WiFi problems, but WiFi exists only in your home and it is your responsibility to sort out problems.

  • 4 weeks ago

    If it is coming into your house at a decent speed - are you talking about wifi to other devices? Is it fast but weak?   Do you rest your modem/router once a week or so?  We need more info to give you a better response! 

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