About to encounter another surgery.  Have difficulty waking up. Last time..woke up screaming hysterically. Why? Don't I want to wake up? Thx?

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Be sure to alert the anesthesiologist. They can adjust the meds they use. Be absolutely, completely honest with the staff about your alcohol intake, and any other drugs you take- legal or otherwise. They don't care, but that information is vital to ensuring that the anesthesia is right for you. Some patients fight going under- and some when coming out of anesthesia, but if the staff are aware, they can prepare for it. Good luck

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    2 weeks ago

    Speak with your anesthesiologist ahead and express your concerns. My husband always got incredibly sick after any surgery due to anesthetics, but after talking with the staff, they used a different medication.

    Find out what anesthetics were previously used, and see if something different can be used, this time. Perhaps the dose is too high, or that med just doesn't set with you. But, they can't alter this unless you have a frank talk with the doctor and the actual anesthesiologist. Call your doctor today and ask how to get in touch with this person.

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