Why is she touchy I don't understand?

This girl always gets touchy with me, like when we go out or even sometimes when we are hanging out sober (we are in the same social group). I know she is dating this dude (not a boyfriend though), so it annoys me that she gets all touchy. How to get her to stop?

I was thinking of next time just saying "why you so touchy?" what do you reckon about that? Or should i just move her hand away?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    Well if she is acting that way with you that means she likes you and not the guy she is dating.  She is basically giving you the green light to make a move on her.  If you are interested on her just make a move before the other guy actually becomes her boyfriend.  If you are not interested then you need to tell her that because if you allow her to be so touchy with you and not say anything then she will think you like her doing that and like her.

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