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Ever have your answers to Yahoo! Answers not view-able when you're logged out of your Y!A account?

I used to answer questions frequently on Yahoo! Answers without any issue.   At some point in the past year I noticed when I logged out of my Yahoo! account and visited the URL to a question I answered that my answer was no longer there.   It was only view-able when I was logged into my account.  This has happened on a variety of occasions and I have asked Yahoo! Answers to re-post my answer. They didn't have an explanation why my answers weren't view-able.  If I violated any Yahoo! rule, they didn't make that clear.  Any suggestions on how to fix this? (Hopefully this question will be view-able by other Yahoo! Answers members.)

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    Yes, this has also happened to me.  It a real pain when this happens.  It is called a spam filter that blocks your answer from being seen by the asker of the question.  They can see it on their notifications but not on the question.  What you have to do is re-write your answer trying to get past the filter.  Sometimes simple things like putting three-periods at the end of a sentence will do it...  Another thing is the links.  If you have a link in your answer remove it and if the answer gets posted you can edit and add it in.  It is not easy to do you got to keep re=writing and then checking if it posted or not.  It could take a few re-writing before it passed the filter.  

    Good Luck.

    • steve
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      Revised original answer to basic answer. It posted. Reverted back to my detailed answer (with links). Didn't post. Changed links to how to find source material. Now posts. Why couldn't Y!A give high level members a permanent pass, since they're not likely to be posting Spam? Very frustrating.

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    Never really have Checked that out Before may have to Check it out one day and see if that Happens

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    There are millions of answers in Verizon/Yahoo's digital basses over the last 14.5 years. Your answers have been "ghosted," caught in the s a spam folfilter. They ARE in the digital bases Depending on the type of device you are using, and whether you have your device and browser in desktop mode, no, matter what kind of device it it may be, your device may not be able to display, have the power, bandwidth and memory space to display by our answers unless you login and refresh the page. Sometimes clearing the cache and the temporary tracking files, whether v you are logged into Yahoo and YA or not, and refreshing the display, your YA activity profile and your questions and answers should be accessible and visible to you. Yes, YA DOES have glitches, technical difficulties, what I call digital hiccups or indigestion. The problems can be at Yahoo's end, your end, or somewhere in between that neither you nor Verizon has any control over, including the Wifi signal being blocked , cellphone

    Source(s): towers being out of service because of severe weather, communications cables being out of service, communications satellites being powered down during solar flares, or multiple server computers being out of service. Sometimes horning your device completely off, waiting 10 seconds yo several minutes, then turning it back on and logging back in. Works..Kicking the hard ware rarely works. If the network card ir SIM card in your device is fried, or the battery is nearly dead, its time to replace e your device..
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