What is a USEFUL IDEA?


Are all ideas themselves intentional/useful?

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    An "idea" is "that which reveals":  Greek "idea," "form, how something appears," from Greek "idein, to see."  (A "concept" is a taking in or grasping of an idea, such that the concept or grasping becomes a more actively focused and definite tool; similar to the distinction between a suggested hypothesis and a reasoned hypothesis (guesstimate vs estimate); of course, these two are ideal types, most hypotheses are more or less one or the other type.) 

    So Descartes' awareness that in dreams he saw things but that these visions were not for him reliable, thus not useful for his goal/purpose of truth, especially truth as geometric formulations of physical objects.

    For Gaston Bachelard and Marie-Louise von Franz, mutable reveries or ideas were useful for marking and then tracing the upwellings of waking subconscious emotion-ideation (this waking subconscious becoming the Cartesian et al. dream narrative).

    "Intentionality" when understood as Cartesian extension into physis is correctly used:  Latin "intendere," "to stretch out."

    Therefore, a subconscious velleity is an intention, as are the more Kantian transcendental and Husserlian cartesian meditations.  All revealing is intentional (given that there are no accidents, i.e., a causal universe re Heidegger's unconcealment of Aletheia (his preferred word for Truth)), hence, all ideas or seeings are intentional.  As for the Good as useful, if a seeing is of covetousness, it is per se not a good idea.  Letting one's ideation be One or single, as in Plotinus' "One Mind Soul"-realization of Ideas of Truth, is useful wisdom.


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    Testimony of Light.

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    Anyone can think of an idea unless the person refuse to think, but not everyone can take it forward, and if you dont work on an idea, you will never figure out whether it was a good idea or a bad idea

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    As the choice : to participate till the death or to glorify till the immortality ?

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  • Idea itself is just a word which we assign to any number of phenomena. And if we picked everything apart, we would find a bunch of reflexes. 

    We would discover two world exist in the universe for us. There is mechanical and there is the organic. 

    Idea is the organic mystery we seek to find and which we assign mechanical elements. When we think ‘idea’ we activate all these mechanical elements. Which act in synergy to create a close approximation.

    We think organically but it is possible to discern the pieces. 

  • "useful" is relative.  Therefore, any idea can be useful...to the right person.

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    An idea which aids understanding

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    One that serves the purpose for which it is used.

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    Not all ideas are intentional or useful. Here's a useful idea - consult a dictionary to learn the meanings of those two words, if you don't know them, and then combine those definitions in a way you can make sense of them. 

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