Do you think Trump should just stick it to the Libtards and pardon himself from their FAKE allegations?

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  • 1 week ago

    I think you would need to be a lot more specific, because he has nearly 20 active investigations ongoing (both criminal and civil), I think we need to narrow this question down.

    Lets keep it to the impeachment process soley- If he's impeached fully, he cannot pardon himself, he would be 100% out of office and he wouldn't have a say in the matter. Having said that, as much as I can't stand the clown, I don't see him being impeached, republicans are out for themselves, and if it comes to down to choosing to impeach trump vs saving their own skin, they save their own skin. I don't think he gets impeached, but I also don't think he gets back in office in 2020 either.

    Libtard? You must be real rattled here lol....

  • 1 week ago

    He can do that from exile at his lakeside Russian dacha?

  • 1 week ago

    As a patriotic American who is not brainwashed by Trump state TV, I want Trump to be jailed for his crimes and to see the same happen to many members of his crime family.

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  • 1 week ago

    if it's fake, why does he need a  pardon?   a pardon insinuates guilt.

  • Leo
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    1 week ago

    They aren't "fake" just because the conservative media says so.  And since impeachment is not a criminal prosecution, there is nothing for Trump to pardon himself for.

  • 1 week ago

    I think we should all just completely ignore their existence all together. If somebody's like, "What do you think of what Nancy Pelosi said about you?" He should be like, "Nancy who? I don't think I know who that is. Wait, is she the lady who drinks martinis for lunch? Or is that lady's name, Maxine?"

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    Nah, liberals will fail this time just like they do every time.

    Think about it.  This isn't the 1st manufacture BS they've launched at Trump, not by a long shot.

    They all fall apart, exposed as lies and manufactured narratives, and then it dies like it should, the demonrats just move on to the next manufactured BS.  

    For f*ck's sake, this whole Ukraine nonsense is exactly like the 2.5 years phone investigation.  The dems bet their souls on the outcome proclaiming it as the holy grail, and when the outcome was completed, it vindicated Trump.

    Same thing with the transcript, they demonrats bet their souls on the transcript, it was published and made public - and now since it b*tch slaps them to the ground, you don't hear anything about the transcript now.

    Demonrats are PATHETIC.  I wish they would just go extinct, they're like stage IV cancer.  Exist for no good reason. 

  • I’m guessing you’re an uneducated Trump supporter. Naming a whistleblower is a crime. The impeachment is coming, and while it may not pass the Senate now, it will next November. Here in G-Town, a historically Republican city, all conservatives lost their office in the midterms.

  • humpty
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    1 week ago

    If he tried to do that he would be removed tomorrow. Not even the most Republican Senate would tolerate such an abuse of power.

    • scott b
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      1 week agoReport

      Why would you say that? They've tolerated everything else. Including Colluding with Russia.

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