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Feminists do understand that one mans actions does not equal all mens actions ?

Feminsts like taking some werid mentally ill incel or evil rapists crimes and then make out that men in general are like them.

If they dont hate men then why do this? Why take a bad man and then equate all men to be like the bad one?

Isnt this what the alt right do to muslims. Take one bad Muslim and then judge all Muslims by that one bad one?

I have never met a man who has committed rape or sexual assault. If most men are bad then why haven't I met any yet? 

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    "Feminists do understand that one mans actions does not equal all mens actions ?"

    Feminists NEED to treat men as a collective bad ("oppressors", "rapists", "manspreaders", "mansplainers" etc.) because that is the only way they can convince politicians to create laws that privilege women as a collective.

    How would speaking truthfully and treating everyone as individuals in our post-equal Rights society lead to privileging women?  It wouldn't!  That's why they do what they do.


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    Almost everyone knows that.

    Maybe Yahoo Answers poster LeBron hasn't gotten that memo, though.

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    No. Most don't.

    Typically, fifty percent of feminist ideology is based on stereotypes and generalizations of men, thirty percent is based on complaining about stereotyping and generalizing of women, and twenty percent is about actual social problems.

    Those numbers switch around a little depending on the individual feminist spouting the ideology, but that last category VERY seldom goes above twenty percent, and is often WAY less.

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    You're absolutely right, sugar. ;-)

    Luckily, I've had extensive experience with several.

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    You are asking emotional creatures to make sense? These people will abort their own fetuses as if it was diarrhea, and they will dispose of you just as easy. Feminism has always been about controlling the access men have to women. It is about shaming masculinity in males, and making it into a genderless thing to be praised when women do it. There is nothing feminine about feminism. Feminists hate traditional female roles. They want all women to behave like men.

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