why are so many guys rapists yet most guys say they don't know a rapist? They are lying but does this mean that all of them are rapists?

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  • 1 week ago

    Do me a favour. Turn your head around until everything goes black. Thanks

    Ive never met a man who is a rapist. You're a paranoid loser

  • 1 week ago

    Of course it doesn't. Many men ARE rapists (far more than are caught or jailed for it) but some aren't.

  • 1 week ago

    Most men are not rapists , and most rapists are not going around bragging about rapeing , therefor while most people know some rapists and rape victims , they may not be aware of it. 

  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    Feminism has shown all men are rapists.  

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  • Bill
    Lv 7
    1 week ago

    I actually do know a few rapists and saved my girlfriend in high school from a rapist. That doesn't however prove much of anything about me nor does it provide evidence that most men are lying when they say they don't know anyone that is a rapist. 

    The truth is most men are not rapists, and most women and men are not going to be a victim of rape during their lifetime, so it follows that most men don't know anyone that committed rape. 

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