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How do I get a more positive outlook on humanity?

This isn't exactly a paradise animals have to eat each other just to survive and everything in this world has to be broken down in order to function, even eating requiresthe breaking down of something and our bodies as well.

It's not up to me to find the truth because whatever is out there will probably kick my butt. I'm ignorant but I still have some questions that can never leave my head how can I see the world in a more positive outlook?

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  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    There's a seed of an answer in the way you ask itself. On one hand, you speak of "humanity". On the other, your concern seems to be more about animals eating animals, the violence and struggle for life that seems to be "built in" as a must for every living creature.

    There lies the difference and the treasure of being human, a treasure you should value and rejoice about. Animals work in a mostly unconscious way; from the beginning to the end of their lives, they follow a preprogrammed genetic program: birds build their nests the same way they did 10,000 years ago, the same with bees and their hives...

    We humans also have an "unconscious mode", and indeed it can be useful because it's fast and sort of an "autopilot" that takes things out of the way very quickly. The difference is that, unlike other animals, we can also become conscious, step out of the usual path: we have free will which we can use to create and build anything we want to, even ourselves.

    So in my view, the more conscious you become, the more human you are (sadly, a lot of people out there never rise from unconsciousness, and it's a sad and dangerous spectacle). Those things that you do "off script", that you do just because, are what make you more human: singing, standing up for something -when the most "adaptive" behavior would be shutting up-, giving without expecting in return...

    I think the role of human in the universe is bringing that consciousness, that way of doing things that is different and more refined. Think for example of the domestication of dogs; how would it happen, so many centuries ago? A wolf, one of the fiercest and loneliest animals, suddenly got in contact with that crazy human thing called "affection", and discovered that he too could change, that there was a different way, and look what a beautiful bond humans and dogs have to this day...

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    Where do you get your negative thoughts? News, online, politics, religious nuts etc etc you get the point ... I seriously feel that for me at least i feel positive being alone, praying and not surrounded with negative people or work ... You need to find a place where you feel the most positive and cut out the negative ... Maybe not completely but a little bit .... Because if you dont, it will feed negativity to your mind, and when it is negative, there is no place for imagination or creativity

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    If I didn't consider myself to be nothing more than a snail trying to get across some wet sidewalk before it dries and these huge pedestrian God's start walking on it with their dogs.  To make it to the other side where the grass is moist throughout the intense heat and dryness of the day and not too many predators like birds and big monstrous things don't find me. I would probably be able to give you some advice about being barely an instant in a universe that is barely an instant in itself.   I do agree with you though, in a way. 

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    Focus on good things. I'm not saying that you need to ignore pain and sorrow. I'm saying, "don't focus on ONLY on the bad." Don't ignore joy, hope, and inspiration.

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    Sometimes, cause and effect work both ways, forward and backward. Cynical people are unhappy. If you become less cynical, you become happier. Likewise, if you become happier you become less cynical. When people are nice to you, you're friendly toward them,. Likewise, when you're friendly toward people, you tend to like them.

    Philosophers have talked a lot about how to be happy. This is complicated and I can't tell you in a few words how to be happy. But it's easy to be nice to people. That will get you going in the right direction.


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    Two things:

    One: Everything has value!Two: Even in death we provide for life :)

  • martin
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    1 week ago

    There are many sides to any issue or aspect of life. There are bright sides and dark sides. Find out what it is you really believe in, and stick to that constantly.

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