how much should i sell my old pc for?

Its an HP OMEN 870-224

GTX 1060 3gb

8gb DDR4

1TB Hardrive


3 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    I agree with it being worth around $400. $350 isn't out of the question either. 3gb of VRAM that comes with that GTX 1060 has proven to too little. 8gb of RAM is borderline for Gaming. The cheapest 8th and 9th Generation Core i3 processors are better than the Core i5-7400. The i5-7400 is hobbled by it's lower clock speed. 

    Both the 3gb GTX 1060 and Core i5-7400 are going for $100 on ebay. 8gb of DDR4 memory goes for $35 new, the motherboard is probably worth around $50. Somebody could probably build that PC for around $350 or possibly less if they shop for deals.If you're selling it to fund another gaming PC, then it might be a better idea to upgrade what you already have. It would be wise to list it for $500 and then take offers..... some people may be willing to pay a little bit more for a name brand. 

  • 1 month ago

    Depends on where in world you are, and local demand for that type of computer, and its general condition.

  • 1 month ago

    Based on parts alone around $350, however on ebay the OMEN 870-224 is going for around $400-$500. With that said I would try to sell it at around $420-$450.

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