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Oatmeal is good for dogs right on top their food? How about dill pickles just a taste like a treat?

Is oatmeal ok for dogs, and dill pickle samples

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  • 1 week ago

    No oatmeal is not needed (or a good idea).  It is just yet MORE CEREAL - when you own a CARNIVORE, not a horse.  Pickles contain sugar and/or a number of preservatives & dogs cannot digest veggies, so it is also WASTEFUL.  WHY (???) do you want to go OUT OF YOUR WAY to make the dog sick or unwell by feeding it CR@P?

    • Ivan
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      6 days agoReport

      Oatmeal is fine you idiot.  So is a piece of pickle here and there. Dogs can digest veggies moron. Carrots are good for them, cabbagge, and broccoli.

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