Academy for monsters? Or just vampire?

Ok in my anime, I am making a school for monsters, but I can’t decide who I want to be what, or what monsters to use, I know for sure vampires, should I just simplify it and make them all vampires or? And if not, I need help for some monster ideas

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    2 months ago
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    The monsters can be anything you like. They don't have to be ones that are already created. You can make up your own monsters. I have quite a handful of ideas, here are a couple:

    Shadowscratchers: Their main ability is to be able to manipulate the shadow of people. Although harmless at first, their ability to deceive their victims with these tricks often leads the latter to be completely paralyzed in placed. This of course is also dependent on the victim's willpower. Other abilities include, being able to shift from the 3 dimensional plane to that of shadows (2 dimensional plane). When in shadow form, their are seen as mere shadows, but upon closer inspection, they are actually denser than shadows themselves. (You can add other traits here if you like)

    Nightstalkers: Similar to vampires, they too don't like the sunlight, but they are not affected by it as vampires are (their mortality), but it does affect their powers instead, limiting them to 50% their true potential. They have the ability Phase shift, projecting themselves into what seems like another dimension, but instead they are out of phase with the world itself, where they cannot be seen nor detected using any of the regular 5 senses. The out of phase world itself that is generated requires a lot of effort (even though intrinsic to them), and thus the connection between it and the real world is ethereal. Note that all the structures also remain the same in the out of phase world. (You can add other traits here if you like)

    Soulseekers: Usually seen as thin individuals, they are still gifted with amazing physical looks. The human form that they take is unique to every one of them, as they can only have one human form after they choose which one to take (however they want it to look like). Beneath it all lies an extremely powerful aura that either feeds off of positive emotions or negative ones. (The positive ones being good, and the negative ones being bad... here you can add something like there being a chance for the bad to be converted to good if they are deeply touched by someone or something ... emotionally). They are called soulseekers because of their ability to siphon off the soul of individuals after getting too close to them (as in getting to know them very well, how they react, predict pretty much everything individuals can do). The souls collected are then used to either directly augment their power, enhancing their own aura, or enchanting a something (or even someone if strong enough) to have a specific aura of their own. (Add additional traits here if you like). 

    Anyway, there are just a handful of ideas. I hope you like them :)

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    • Pyrus
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      I'm glad you liked them. I may have some other ideas, depending on what is asked though. :)

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  • 2 months ago

    There are literally HUNDREDS of mythological creatures and monsters out there from various different cultures and legends, and you can't come up with anything but vampires?? Maybe a tiny bit of research would be a good idea for someone making an anime, do you agree?

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