Is entropy preprogammed into reality? If so, by whom?


Could a computer randomly generate impulses that would create entropy?

Update 2:

Is entropy part of a simulation?

Update 3:

As in " We live in a simulation theory"?

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  • No.  Entropy is a physical property of reality.

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    It's the government

  • Entropy is an idea we cooked up to explain features of reality. It is what happens when you let the air out of a ballon. It took energy to pack that air in the balloon. The second law of thermodynamics states that you will eventually tire yourself out filling the balloons with your labouring breath. And if you were locked inside a container that you would die and your body will turn to mush. And the mush into simple chemical components, a soup.

    The molecules in the room will tend to occupy as much of the space as possible with a generally insufficient number of space filling occupiers.

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    Entropy will be increased by pseudorandom generating impulses as the heat dissipated with be more random. So entropy is increased. There is not a programmer, the Skynet is a self programming system with electrons around a semiconducting matrix.

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    1) Entropy is an intrinsic element of reality. Asking if it is "preprogrammed" presumes a conscious programmer, which is essentially asking if there is a discrete sentient creator or "God". The answer is that we don't know. There is no verified, testable evidence for it, so either you take it on faith that there is or you don't.

    2) So, on that note, go ahead and believe whatever makes you happiest because no one can prove you wrong beyond the shadow of a doubt, but I suggest that you read The Goldilocks Enigma: Why is the Universe Just Right for Life by Paul Davies who explores why the universe is the way it is and not some other way.

    3) Using the world’s most powerful supercomputers, physicists have only managed to simulate small bits of the universe just a few femtometers across to a level that is indistinguishable from "reality" (A femtometer is 10 to the minus 15 metres - i.e. a 1 with 15 zeros in front of it.) Extrapolating from that experience, it is estimated that to simulate the entire universe to the level of detail at which we can already examine it would require more energy than exists in the visible universe. Even if computing power and memory could be increased a thousand million times beyond what is available now it would be impossible to do. It is unfathomable that such technology and power could be harnessed on such a scale.

    4) As for whether a computer could "randomly generate impulses that would create entropy", ultimately it can do nothing but that. This is basic Physics 101. All physical things only generate entropy - they cannot stop it or reverse it. All that is possible is to increase or decrease the rate of entropy in a given system.  

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    This is an endless question that we can't know the ultimate answer for..... if someone created the universe, then who created that someone and then again who created that someone else and so on and so forth................... no end!!

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    It's not reality but an illusion that disappears and reappears because of it. Only reality is permanent, and so illusion goes through stages, the Buddhist call yugas, and sometimes the universe disappears completely, but then in the next moment of eternity, it reappears, and this has been going on forever.

    God, the only existence, is doing this inadvertently by becoming conscious and creating unconsciousness which seeks to be conscious and causing creation from His unconsciousness.

  • we have all been created,

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    You might be interested in downloading the article in the website below which discusses entropy.

    Source(s): Why Do Things Wear Out
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    no "whom".  It's baked into the are all "laws".

    • It IS created artificially as the concept of  'entropy' was thought of by a person...The universe is the universe, it doesn't come up with any laws on its own

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