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Would a unicorn horn make a good magic wand? Do I need to get help from the blue fairy?

I want to be able to sing like Princess Jasmine for my school talent show. I would also like to grant my best friend the ability to sing like Aladdin. A duet of a whole new world would be something that could win the talent show.

If I caught a unicorn and sawed its horn off would the horn work as a magic wand. Would it have enough magic from the unicorn left in it so a muggle could use it to grant a wish to sing beautifully for like a little while? This would potentially be black magic as it is to win a zero sum game and winning the talent show means that someone must lose? Are unicorn horns capable of black magic?

Would comet dust in a water glass work as a wish granting potion? How do I pull a piece of a star from the sky? Do I need to just send the wish aloft on a balloon and hope it reaches a star and then the blue fairy comes and grants us the ablilty to sing beautifully?

Should i seek out a wizard or professor who could do the necessary magic to make my friend and I sing beautifully? What should I do?


Would a sawed off unicorn horn work for light black magic? Where might I find a professor or wizard that could help me learn to sing better? Where might one find a unicorn? 

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    Wait for a star and wish upon it.

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    You cannot remove the horn of a Unicorn, it would die and a unicorn horn would nor work very well as a wand, because the magic comes from the unicorn not just the horn.

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