What are some tips and tricks for an aspirant to clear the UPSC as only seven months are left?

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    Assuming that an aspirant has only seven months or less prior to the next announced date for the UPSC Civil Services Prelims, qualifying them within this short time period is definitely a possibility subject to the adoption of the appropriate strategy.

    The UPSC Prelimsare the qualifying examination for the UPSC Mains and unless aspirants are able toclear the cut-off score of the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam, they are not allowed to appear in the Main Examination. Hence appropriate care is to be taken for the preparation of the UPSC Prelims. The approximate success rate for the Prelims is about 3%. Hence the Prelims is the first hurdle that has to be overcome. Hence, about three-fourths of the available time should be allocated to the preparation of the Prelims.

    Inculcate the Pareto Principle in your preparation: Pareto Principle, also known as the 80-20 approachis a management theory which states that 80 percent of the output from a given situation is determined by 20 percent of the input. Prioritizing your time, and effort, on the topics of importance can yield surprising results.

    Work backwards from the examination date,start by analyzing previous year UPSC prelims question papers. Identify patterns and oft repeated topics and concentrate a majority of your efforts on these topics.

    The testing-based methodology does not imply testing to evaluate preparation but basing the preparation on the outcome of the tests.This methodology will help coverage all the prescribed books and online study materials within a short timeframe.

    Not only does this method ensure proper exam practice but it also analyzesyour performance, helps identify strong and weak areas, provides a comparison of marks with peers, and helps avoid making mistakes in the actual exam.

    Reading of NCERT books are a basic requirementcivil servicespreparation. However, the challenge is in covering all the prescribed reading inseven months. Take exclusive NCERTbased practice tests covering the most important questions that can be asked.

    By having a positive mindset and adopting a practical strategy, working smart, prioritizing the learning of important topics, one can qualify the UPSC CSE Prelims with just seven months of preparation.

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