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Mzm asked in SportsWrestling · 4 weeks ago

Adam Cole defeated Daniel Bryan CLEAN?!?!?!?

just saw the highlights of nxt's "sd takeover"  on nxt, and while it makes perfect sense that ciampa defeated miz (i mean he's freakin' ciampa :P ) but the highlights of adam cole vs daniel bryan makes it look like...adam cole defeated daniel bryan...clean?!?!? no idea if it was just the highlights that made it look like that, mostly just curious/surprised if they did actually let cole defeat bryan (multiple time wwe champion) CLEAN - despite the huge diff in exp level and popularity or so it seems??? 


edit: i know miz is techincally a former wwe champion but i think it seems wwe would like people to forget that for the most part lol....sure as hell isn't treated as a former champ/main eventer that's for sure 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    It's little bit Shocking that,  Adam Cole actually won clean as Heel.  Daniel Bryan have Zero Problem to Putting over Someone at all.

    Daniel Bryan's Very Unselfishness in The Locker Room.  Lot of Wrestlers in The Locker Room Respect Daniel Bryan. He's not Involved in Backstage Politics.  He just Loved Wrestling.

    Adam Cole and NXT also Need to have Momentum into The Survivor Series.  It must Helped Triple H to get More Viewers to watch NXT.  I do Love Two Wrestling Shows on The Same Day Though. 

    • Mzm
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      wow... so he dd win clean!!... my thoughts exactly, it's especially surprising that they had heel cole go over clean on bryan as a face....very few times iv'e seen that happen, but yeah for sure bryan wouldv'e been all for it and adam cole is one hell of a talent, just really surprising lol

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Sure. But he fought Seth Rollins, and he couldn't beat him. So he beat Daniel Bryan. Big deal. Seth Rollins is the biggest star in WWE right now. And he said he was better then Daniel Bryan. And he proved it. Because that NXT jobber that beat Daniel Bryan clean couldn't beat him. 

  • Yes I was surprised Adam Cole beat Daniel Bryan.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Yes, Adam Cole defeated Daniel Bryan, there was no interference, hhh and hbk was ringside, but they just sat and watch and never got involved.

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  • Candle
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    4 weeks ago

    Cole is the current NXT World Champion, whereas Bryan isn't holding any gold.  It makes sense to me, especially if you're looking to establish NXT as a third brand.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Yeah, they basically had NXT crap all over Smackdown. If I was FOX I wouldn't be happy about this at all. Not a bit happy.

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