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Potty Training a puppy?

Hey guys, I’ve never had a pet before, but I want to adopt a puppy. I have a large backyard but I don’t have a fence; I just have a large farmland connecting to the end of my yard, and I don’t want them to run away every time they need to potty. So I thought about having two crates; one in the laundry room to potty in, and the other somewhere else(I think the living room) to sleep in. Is that alright? Would it be easy to train them that way?

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    I think it’s a great idea to get a puppy as they can be such great companions if you are capable of taking good care of him/her. I have dogs currently and I 50% agree with your opinion about keeping them in the crate. Make sure to crate train your puppy as once familiar with the crate, they will feel safe inside the crate and happy to sleep in it.Take advantage of that large backyard! So my suggestion is to either pay someone to put in a fence so that the puppy can free roam the yard or buy a puppy play pen, not one of those small ones advertised, but a good quality metal one that is quite big as it may be a bit expensive but trust me it will be so worth it. To summarise, if you used the 2 crates, the puppy would get confused and use both of them as toilets which is bad cause the dog should think of the crate as a safe spot, not a daunting place where he/she is forced to go to the toilet in, which is not very enjoyable for the poor dog. Hope you agree with my opinion.

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    Steps for Housetraining Your Puppy

    1. Keep the puppy on a regular feeding schedule and take away his food between meals.

    2. Take puppy out to eliminate first thing in the morning and then once every 30 minutes to an hour. 

    3. Take the puppy to the same spot each time to do his business.

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    NO.  Never teach a puppy to pee/poop in the house for any excuse.  In order to have a properly trained dog you have to take a puppy outside on a leash to pee/poop every few hours till its more trained.  Before you even consider adopting a puppy, watch videos and read on how to train them.  

    Or you can adopt an adult dog that is trained in basic obedience and is potty trained.  Puppies are cute but take a TON of work, especially for someone that has never owned a pet.

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    Why it's very simple. Use a shock collar.

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    Your plan is for the dog to "potty" in his crate?  Interesting and how old are you?

    I advise against potty training dogs.  Just like children being potty trained, they often forget to flush.

    I'd suggest housebreaking instead.  Again, how old are you?

    You are getting A puppy, but you don't want "THEM" to run away every time "THEY" need to potty?

    Don't get a dog until you do some research.

    I suspect you are a child; children can't own property; dogs are property; you aren't adopting a puppy.

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    Then fence a small area so it is secure or you put on a collar and line while toilet training outside so you have control you NEVER toilet train inside the house unless you want the dog to only ever toilet inside the house........

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    Putting up fencing is a basic requirement of having a dog otherwise for sure, your pup will take off, and probably be shot by a farmer!!   I'm a home-checker and the number one requirement is adequate FENCING.

    Encouraging a puppy to mess in a crate - WOT??????????????????   The ONLY place a puppy should understand where it empties, is OUTSIDE!!   And how would it tell the difference between one crate (toilet) and another (sleeping quarters)?

    There are no 'easy ways' to housetrain.   It takes a lot of hard work, persistence, and understanding that a puppy physically can't hold for much over a couple of hours, during the waking day.   And at first, you will need to TAKE the puppy outside to empty at least once overnight.

    You have a ways to go with this idea, before you jump in!!

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    For heavens sake, just fence off part of your backyard for the pup to do its toilets in and have a bit of a space to run about safely in.

    Plenty of advice online on how to toilet train a pup.

    Sorry, I don`t suffer fools gladly!!!  🙄🙄🙄.

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    I'm sure it's possible, but it sure isn't a good idea. What happens after the dog pees or poops in the crate? I'll tell you what happens. It steps in it, and then tracks the pee or poop through the house. You have to wash the crate before the next time. Or the dog jumps on you with poop on its paws. Or gets on your sofa or your bed. Then you have to change your clothes, or wash the bedding or the sofa. Your house will stink

    Keep the dog on a leash when you take it outside, or put up a fence.

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    Just fence off 1000 sq' so the dog has a yard where he can enjoy being outside .

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