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True or false, Stephen King cannot succeed as long as Harry Potter is around?

Stephen King had his 15 minutes of fame around 1992-1998. Everyone wanted to read his books and make them into movies. Misery, Pet Cemetery, etcetera, and that was nice and all but then along came R.L. Stein, little by little people lost interset in King and moved on to more animated type thrillers like Goosebumps books. Then came Harry Potter and trully finished Stephen King off. Since then the man seems to not succeed no matter how hard he tries. Since then hes made few books and a few movies, but no one seemed to notice (or care). I feel like Harry Potter took over Stephen King.


I didnt say adults switched from Stephen King books to Harry Potter, what i meant was that movie and book companies wanted more 'family friendly' type of entertainment like The Adams Family, Goosebumps, or Harry Potter, and this is what ruined Stephen King.

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  • Zac Z
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    The way you elaborate your case in the "details" indicates that you have a preconceived opinion which you're unlikely to change* but even by your somewhat weird criteria, like whether studios are interested in turning King's work into movies, you are wrong.

    There have been several big productions, both for cinema and TV, in the past, post-HP, years, such as the TV series "11.22.63" and "Under the Dome", or "Mr. Mercedes" and "Castle Rock" both of which are still ongoing.

    "It" has hit the big screen in a commercially very successful two-part movie adaptation; "The Dark Tower" was adapted; "Doctor Sleep" is opening in US theaters today.

    TV series for "The Outsider", "The Stand" and "Lisey's Story" are in the works and scheduled to air on TV next year or the year after.

    And that's only some of the bigger productions.

    Of the 8 novels that King published from 2014 to 2019, 7 were #1 NYT bestsellers (Mr. Mercedes, Revival, Finders Keepers, End of Watch, Sleeping Beauties, The Outsider, The Institute); Elevation "only" made it to #2.

    You are free to believe that Stephen King has been ruined and has become irrelevant - you are free to believe anything you want.

    But the facts speak a different language.

    * even though I'd hope you will change the spelling of Stein to Stine

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Are you serious, or just on Crack?

  • denise
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    1 week ago

    Stephen King is still going strong, and his books / films are a lot more gritty and scary than Harry Potter films.

    So the answer is FALSE!

  • Joe
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    1 week ago

    LOL   Yeah, I guess poor old Steven King is still waiting to succeed.....

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  • Anonymous
    1 week ago

    Thats like saying the Bible cannot succeed as long as Twilight is around

  • Marli
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    1 week ago

    "Family friendly"?  I have seen only one or two movies a year because the others (according to their trailers) depend on blood, bullets and over hot sex scenes.  Oh, and superheroes or teen wizards / human hunters.  I might see The Addams Family [sic] to compare it to the television series.  I had a small crush on Gomez when I was a kid.

    The others here have proven that Steven King still has a huge readership.  Harry Potter will be among the fictional figures re-read and beloved by generations of children and adults, like Tom Sawyer, but King's characters are "adult readers only",  like Dracula and Frankenstein's monster.

  • Andrew
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    1 week ago

    With asinine assertions and assessments like this one, you demonstrate the type of skills one often assocites with people who answer phones at psychic hotlines or predict the weather. I've seen some laughably off the mark bunk proposed, but this one really takes the cake. Perhaps you ought to expand your working knowledge of books beyond 2 authors before attempting to pitch mad theories like this one to people who have read a greater number of books in the last 3 months than you would read in 3 lifetimes. Small wonder you went anonymous to post this risible tripe. 

  • humpty
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    2 weeks ago

    As false as possible. Steven King has been the most successful writer his genre has ever seen, and has had more of his stories made into movies and television seriess than any other writer in history. From "Carrie," and "Christine" through "Thinner" and "Misery" he has dominated the American literary scene for a half century, and his new work is still selling and still being produced. Netflix has his latest in postproduction and is planning their next season around it.

    This takes nothing away from the brilliant work of J.K. Rowling, which is also brilliant and successful, but to call Mr. King a flash in the pan or passe ignores his lastin output and durability.

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    False. 15 minutes of fame? Try 1973 to the first part of this decade. Almost 40 years.  Potter was a single character.  King created far more memorable characters than Rowling did, and since 2007, what has Rowling done that is not mere derivative of the Potter franchise?  She told one very long story that took numerous books to tell. King did the same thing with his Dark Tower series, along with everything else he did.

  • 2 weeks ago

    They are two different genres.

  • R.L. Stein and J.K. Rowling wrote books for children.  Just because "It" is notorious for having an explicit pre-teen gangbang in it, it doesn't necessarily qualify as "children's literature."

    My point is this:  What adults switched over from reading King to reading Stein?

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