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For DMZ tours from Seoul, does any money from the tour go to the North Korean economy?

I was considering going to the popular DMZ tour but I do not want to do so if any dollar amount is received by North Korea as I do not want to support their regime and its corrupt government by any cost. Does anybody know anything about this?

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  • Andrew
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    There are several different types of tours that take people into the DMZ. On the South Korean side, all tours are run by private companies, but some of those companies are affiliated with the US government and are thus allowed access to certain areas within the JSA. Some tours allow visitors to cross the MDL, and some don't. But if you book a tour in the ROK, the DPRK doesn't get one red cent. They conduct their own tours which are all run by the North Korean government and visitors need to book in-country. You can't book a North Korean tour in South Korea. So you needn't worry. Rest assured that any tour you book will not put a single sou into the North's coffers. 

    The best DMZ tour you will find is the one organised by the USO. 

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