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How long before I can go back to running everyday?

A few years ago I had a 3rd degree sprain from an accident playing basketball on my right ankle, I went to pt for a little but never finished. then a few months later I sprained my left ankle. I was told that I have dancers feet cause my feet are pretty flat but ever since that one injury I kept spraining both my ankles on and off and I stopped running consistently in fear of hurting myself again. its like my ankles give out on me. I really miss running because it was my favorite way of relieving stress and I was getting really good at it so i've decided to do some Ankle strengthening workouts that I found on youtube to strengthen my ligaments but I might also go see a physical therapists too. how long before I can go back to running everyday like I used to before my injuries? Ideally how long does it take for the ligaments in my ankles to strengthen after an injury with the right exercises? also do you advise that I go see a physical therapist or is this something that I can possibly fix on my own? Thanks so much in advance

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    Tendons and ligaments take a long time to heal so take your rehab slowly. Don't start running until you can walk several miles without issue. You might want to have a couple of sessions with a PT so they can design a program for you and then check in with them periodically.

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