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where to move in LA?

hi! im an 18 year old girl moving to LA next spring and in starting to look at neighborhoods to live in. im on the rise with a social media influencer career and i also do music so i was wondering what areas would be best for that? my budget is on the lower side, ideally id like to spend $1200 or less for rent(but im extremely okay with having a roomate or a few)

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    Atwater Village. “I am all in for Atwater Village. ...

    Beverly Grove. “You can't beat being in the center of the city. ...

    Beverly Hills. “I've lived here for 37 years, and I've never gotten tired of it. ...

    Culver City. ...

    Downtown. ...

    Echo Park. ...



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    Trust me, you won't find anything for that price. I just moved out of L.A. this past June and the cheapest prices for a one bedroom apartment in my neighborhood was 1700. You would be better suited to find a roommate, their are sites where you can be matched up with people of similar interests.

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    The trick to surviving L.A.'s woeful transportation is to live as close as possible to where you need to be on a daily basis. So figure that out and then start looking for roommate share situations. Your budget won't get you far but if you're cool with numerous roommates you might find something.

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    Gonna be hard pushed to get anywhere decent on that budget.

    Last time I had a poke around on it was about $6000 a month in Santa Monica where Alex Mandel (Howie's son) hangs out doing "Alex Mandel Vlogs" on YouTube.

    Most of the cheap stuff where you're less likely to get murdered seems to be on the other side of the mountains out towards Palmdale/Lancaster + Hesperia/Victorville/Barstow.

    The couple who did the "Pranksters in Love" channel on YouTube gave up on California and moved back to Minnesota because it was too freakin' expensive (then they split up).

    Youtube thumbnail

    Jenna Jameson (the legendary porn star) also gave up on California earlier this year and moved to Hawaii (going by her Instagram posts).

    Guy on Youtube called Marcus (affiliatemarketingmc) who does SEO/Online Marketing / Social Media tutorials on YouTube also gave up on California and moved to Florida.

    All the other "social media influencers" doing well at the moment are hanging out in Texas these days because it's cheaper (and has more reliable electric):

    - DemolitionRanch/OfftheRanch and his brothers (OperatorDrewski + Mark "homemade everything") hang out somewhere on the outskirts of San Antonio

    Youtube thumbnail

    - Nicholas Irving (aka "The Reaper") lives in Texas these days

    - The "Black Rifle Coffee Company" boys all recently relocated to Texas

    - The Googan Squad boys mostly hang out in Texas, especially "LunkersTV" (Rob Terkla) + "LakeForkGuy" (Justin Rackley) and also run their family vlog channels based there too.

    - Scotty Kilmer (the car repair guy on YouTube) lives in the Houston area

    - Alex Becker (does SEO, online marketing + wealth guru stuff on YouTube) hangs out in Dallas/Fort Worth

    - Recently heard that "Donut Operator" (currently in South Carolina) was thinking of relocating to Texas.

    - Matt Risinger (does home restoration stuff on social media) is based in Texas

    - Andy Rawls (does wood work stuff on social media) is based in Texas.

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    It is likely you will need to find roommate if you want to spend only $1200/mo and live in a reasonably nice neighborhood.

    You should try to meet up with other influencers and room together.

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    If you want to rent for $1200 you may want to live in a less gentrified part of LA county.

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    i would just go there, check places out and then decide

  • John
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    Let me put this gently.  Do NOT move to LA without spending some time there, preferably something like a month. Every fourth teenager is a "social media influencer on the rise" there. Of the 4 million population, 1/2 are wanna be actors (and a few actually are) the other half "also does music". Every third street corner has an astonishingly talented musician on it busking because they can't get work. LA is HUGE. Thinking that you are going to conquer it because you are 18 and can test lipstick online will get you in the porn business real quick. And you call yourself a girl, too.

    You want to shop apartments try  Sure, move to LA.  Just do it with your eyes open. Posers don't last long there. Don't even THINK of going there without a reliable car.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    i would just go there and visit and then decide

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