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would a unicorn horn work as a good magic wand? What kind of magic could be expected from a unicorn horn?

I would like to be able to sing like Ella Fitzgerald so I could win a school talent show. Our act is a jazz act duet with me singing in the style of ella fitzgerald and my friend singing in the style of frank sinatra. Would the unicorn horn potentially work to cast a simple spell that could make us amazing singers for an hour so we could win the talent show?

Someone told me this would be a difficult black magic spell and would require evil magic as the intent is to win a zero sum game by cheating and our win is someone else's loss. Would a unicorn be powerful enough, or do I have to find a more powerful black magic wand such as a Leviathan Fang, or Kraken Bone. Would poisonwood manchineel wood with a Dementor Cloak Thread core work?

Would a unicorn horn work as a wand if it was sawed off the unicorn?

Can what w


Would mist from the isle of Avalon possibly make us able to sing well for an hour without bothering to practice?  Would a glass of wine with comet dust in it possibly work? WOULD A POTION WORK BETTER THAN A WAND AND A SPELL?

Update 2:

We attend a muggle school, and cant make magic ourselves, but maybe if the wand has enough magic in it like a horn sawn off might retain a little magic from the unicorn for a while. Maybe then we could hold it up and then just say, "We wish to be great singers" then maybe if the horn is fairly fresh there might be a little magic we could squeeze out. Would this work for a muggle that doesnt know any spells.

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    For Ella Fitzgerald you need real voodoo, not fake Harry Potter stuff. Grab a baby goat and two live chickens and see your local voodoo priestess.

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    Is there any kind of wizard or magician or professor that could help us sing more beautifully? What if we cant do magic ourselves? are there any solutions based in science? 

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