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What would you call a family line that follows the uncle? ?

I know matriarchy for a family like that descends from the mother and patriarchy from the father, but what if from the (or an) uncle? Just curious. 

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    Avunculate. It is (or was) more common than one might think: in societies that don't compel women to restrict themselves to one sexual partner, children's paternity may well be unknown, and therefore is not important in terms of inheritance or family status. In such a society, a man's closest relations in the younger generation are not the children he has fathered himself - who may not even be considered related to him at all in that society's eyes - but his sister's

     children, who are thus his logical heirs.

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    Avunculate is the word, but this way of recording a family line is not typical of Europe where  recorded Genealogy developed, from a male lineage, that just barely recognized the female lineage of non-royals.

    Source(s): 60 Years doing Genealogical Research and several degrees in Anthropology and Sociology.
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    The avuncular line. And an avunculate society.

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