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In the NHL, what is icing. Can someone explain how that works?

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    If a team is at even strength or on a power play and shoots the puck down the ice from behind the centre (red) line without it being a shot on goal and/or played by the other team s goalkeeper. A player (non-goalkeeper) would need to touch the puck or (in the judgement of an official) said player is ahead of an opponent (so-called no-touch icing). The international game has no-touch icing, the NHL uses what is called hybrid icing.

    If icing is called the team that iced the puck (sent it down from their own half of the ice) cannot change lines and the face-off is in the offending team s defensive zone. In short: team A and B are at even strength. Team A shoots the puck down the ice from inside their own half of the ice. Icing is called. Team B gets a face-off in their offensive zone (team A s defensive zone). Team B can change skaters; Team A cannot change skaters.

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    It's when a team shoots the puck down the ice while being on their own side of center ice.  The idea is basically to prevent a team from just throwing the puck down the ice when they are under pressure from the other team.   When the puck is iced, the faceoff comes back down in the defensive zone and the players cant change,by rule (typically they are pretty tired at the time the icing happens, but not always) 

    Another part of the rule is that when you are on the penalty kill, you can use it, with out a stoppage in play

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  • 2 months ago

    Basically sending the puck from your zone* to the other side of the zone, I think its considered as time wasting. Only time icing is off is when the other team has a power play, then you are allowed to waste time. 

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