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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 5 months ago

My bf ex says she's better than me ? ?

My bf ex gf thinks shes better then me and told me because she drive nice car she's a stripper all the guys want her. I had suspicion of my bf and her messing around long story short I texted her on social media very kindly and asked have they been in contact she says she not giving me an answer but she said she left him years ago but then said she checked up on him because he was hurt over me. She said I dont have anything on her she has a ring and a husband. She sounds very immature

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  • 5 months ago
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    She's very insecure and it's telling!

    She knows she doesn't have a good personality, so all she feels she can offer up is sex, she uses sex not because it feels good, but to get ahead in life. I know her type, because my aunt is the exact same way! His ex is insecure and is constantly needing to prove herself to others, she uses vanity as a mask to cover it up and look confident when really she's anything but.

    "I have a ring and a husband", she only has that because all she could offer her husband is sex, I bet he's a loser too, likely one of those guys who needs "hot candy" on his arm to validate himself too.

    I highly doubt your boyfriend/her had an affair, she's likely just saying "I wont tell you", as a power trip, another way to make her self feel more important than she actually it is, all roads here lead back to her insecurity. Hell, she probably does want your boyfriend back because its a "challenge",  to spite you, and to prove to herself she still has her sexual prowess.

    You have a lot more going for her than her, don't let that comment bother you! You have moral fibre, self confidence, and unlike her you havent' had to spread your legs to get ahead in life. She feels threatned by you, let her unravel lol.

    • Jewel5 months agoReport

      I found out she wasn't married and her and my bf was talking to one another. 

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