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Is it legal to make a u Turn on a busy street?

Maybe this is an obvious yes  but I'm just curious can a parked car on the side of the road pull out  straight away and do a u turn on a a very busy street with cars coming both ways? 


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    We don't know where you are, but here it is permissible on ordinary two-way streets unless prohibited by signs.  However there is always the option available to the police of charging you with "careless driving" or even "dangerous driving", which would certainly be invoked if you caused a collision.

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    If there aren't any signs prohibiting it, yes, it's legal, but sometimes you have to balance being legal with safety, so to be on the side of safety, I wound't do it.

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    No. You have to let the traffic that is coming go first. You may have to pull out without making U-turn, go forward to the next intersection, and make a U-turn there.

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    Depends on the laws where you live.  Where I live, U-turns are legal unless there is a sign prohibiting them.  you still need to be able to do it safely or you'll get cited for an unsafe turn by police.

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    No.."U" turns are not legal. A "Y" turn is legal.

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