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Hypothetical Question: If WWE superstars were trapped in an Island filled with zombies, what would happen?

The bonus questions are of course optional.

BQ-: If there were zombies that existed, who are some WWE superstars, or any other wrestlers you would want to protect you?

BQ2- What martial artist action stars would you want to protect you? 

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    Alright. Il'l answer this.....

    A number of superstars have been stranded on a zombie island. A voice tells them that they are in a land filled with zombies and they have a better chance of surviving if they work together. The voice tells them that they need to appoint a leader who'll place them in 10 groups.

    AJ Styles is the one that's appointed and here are the groups of five:

    Group 1

    -The OC(With Styles)

    -Finn Balor

    -Shinsuke Nakamura

    Group 2



    -Becky Lynch

    -Sasha Banks

    -Ember Moon

    Group 3

    -Braun Strowman

    -Roman Reigns

    -Luke Harper

    -Samoa Joe

    -Drew McIntyre

    Group 4


    -The Miz


    -Bobby Lashley


    Group 5

    -Kevin Owens

    -Seth Rollins


    Group 6

    -Daniel Bryan

    -Rey Mysterio


    -Zelina Vega


    Group 7

    -Nia Jax

    -Alexa Bliss

    -Mandy Rose

    -Kairi Sane


    Group 8



    -Shorty Gable

    -Baron Corbin

    -Dolph Ziggler

    Group 9


    -The Usos


    -Zack Ryder

    Group 10



    -Dana Brooke

    -Jeff Hardy


    The groups take different routes. Here is what is going to happen.

    AJ Styles group fight so hard against the zombies . Finn jumps from a ledge and stomps on the zombie. Nakamura, being the Con Artist that he is, tricks his team into falling into a trap where they are ambushed. Surprisingly, they survive due to their great teamwork which is too much for the zombies.

    They escape the trap and find Nakamura who is in a critical condition which happened when he tripped and fell rather brutally on a large rock, breaking many bones and causing many wounds. AJ Styles tries to help him. Nakamura, who just can't stand him, tries hit him with a low blow but Styles stops him and hits a Styles Clash on Nakamura to knock him out. Gallows carries the knocked out Nakamura and the group made it to the exit.

    Group 2

    -The five come across a bunch of weapons on the ground and use them to trash the zombies. Bayley, however, trashes the zombies in a much brutal fashion which startles the rest of her team except Sasha who thinks it's cool. Bayley hugs a zombie only to send the zombie onto a spiked pole and swears a lot. Charlotte and Lynch become annoyed and tell her to knock it off but Bayley flips the bird at them which breaks into a big fight with Sasha joining to help Bayley. This fight causes all of them to be injured. Ember Moon berates all of them for being very immature and single handedly takes out a pretty big crowd of zombies with her awesome fighting skills while the rest just watches.

    Now that there aren't zombies around, Ember Moon urges them to follow her. Becky disagrees and asks her since when did she become leader. Charlotte disagrees and states that The Queen doesn't follow freaks like her. Sasha and Bayley also disagrees and Sasha says that she doesn't fit in and Bayley calls her an idiot. Ember decides to leave them.

    Becky, Charlotte, Sasha and Bayley all discuss what should happen and with more zombies coming, they all reach an agreement. They survive and meet Ember at the exit who also survives the zombie attacks.

    Group 3

    -Strowman takes out a huge chunk of zombies and Reigns also spears plenty of them. Drew and Joe also fight off some zombies however Drew gets bitten by one. Drew turns face and gives a big speech about how he wasn't really that much of a Scottish Psychopath. Harper refuses to leave him there and gives him an antidote which cures him of the virus.

    Joe jabs a couple more zombies who want to bit Drew. The group power their way through the zombie horde and reach the exit.

    Group 4

    -Cesaro solos majority of the zombies in his groups way. Rusev catches Bobby Lashley and Lana smooching and enters a huge brawl with him. As for The Miz, he does a promo about how awesome he is. Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley all end up bitten. The Miz foolishly stays with the three before he is grabbed by a Rusev and pulled away.

    Cesaro is the sole survivor.

    Group 5

    -Seth Rollins incinerates a lot of zombies with a flamethrower and after doing that, he says he just burn it down. Kevin Owens punches the zombies with his brass knuckles. TND dance around and clap as the two guys are dishing it out to the zombies.

    TND alerts them to a bunch of 205 Live wrestlers who became zombies. Owens states that it's going to be tough but TND makes it easy by trashing them. The five make it to the exit safely.

    Group 6

    -Daniel Bryan and his group do well against the zombies. When Bryan gives more orders to his team, Zelina tells him to shut up. Zelina gets Andrade and Rowan to turn on Bryan. Mysterio stands with Bryan and helps him through the zombie horde.

    Andrade and Zelina chill out on the ground while Rowan does all the work. Then Otis and Tucker who are now zombies appear and zombify Rowan. Andrade and Zelina make a run for it and they reach a wooden bridge and nearly fall off but Mysterio and Bryan help them out. Zelina and Andrade show their respect to them and they make it to the exit.

    Group 7

    -Nia being Nia, makes short work of the zombies. Nia also uses Bliss as a bait. Bliss hits a couple of powerful DDTs as ordered by Nia.

    Mandy Rose refuses to fight the zombies since she doesn't want the zombie stuff on her. The Kabuki Warriors also helps out with the Poison Mists.

    Due to Mandy Rose's huge cowardice, the group decide to abandon her. Mandy Rose is quickly surrounded by zombies. Rose quickly strips to the golden bikini and lets down her hair which causes the zombies to be irresistible to her. Now that she has the zombies at her control, Rose finds the rest of her team who are still fighting the zombies and stops the zombies. Nia, Bliss, Sane and Asuka are all surprised by her. Surprisingly, Rose helps them escape.

    They are close to the exit and only have to cross a bridge to get there. Nia crosses the bridge first while carrying Alexa like a child. The rest do so as well. Nia Jax continues to mistreat Alexa and this makes Alexa fed up. Alexa hits Nia Jax with her forearm so hard that she drops to her knees. Alexa hurls so much insults at her in anger which becomes a fight. Rose tries to stop the fight. As for the Kabuki Warriors, they decide to turn on their team. They hit them all with poison mists and make it out.

    Mandy Rose recovers and helps Alexa and Nia and they make it out.

    Group 8

    -Ricochet, Black and Shorty G do the work while Baron and Dolph gloat. Baron tells Shorty that he is surprised that a wimp like him can do so much damage. Gable calls Corbin a coward who is big for nothing. They fight it out while Ricochet and Black are far away from them and they make it out.

    Ziggler continues to show off before he is ambushed, bitten by the zombies and devoured by the zombies. Corbin and Gable are the only two left. They decide to work together and do some great damage. Corbin turns on Gable by punching him but Gable responds by tripping him. Corbin falls and breaks his teeth. Gable makes a run for it and makes it out. Corbin is devoured by the zombies.

    Group 9

    -Naomi and The Usos managed to make the exit without too much trouble. EC3 and Zack Ryder are left behind. Zack Ryder takes on the zombies himself with EC3. They keep fighting until they tire out and they go down fighting.

    Group 10

    -Natalya takes out some zombies and puts one of them in the Sharpshooter. Jeff Hardy goes hardcore, taking out zombies with various weapons. R-Truth and Carmella find it difficult to take out one zombie using small sticks. Dana Brooke showcases her strength by slamming that zombie hard on the ground to help R-Truth and Carmella.

    R-Truth asks Dana Brooke "What's Up" and Dana says that Jeff's up. Jeff jumps straight into a lot of zombies. R-Truth says that Jeff is a crazy man. They make to a very narrow bridge with many zombies under the bridge. Carmella goes first and nearly falls because she has been talking too much about how fabulous that she is that a zombie throws a stone at her and hits her leg. She makes it through.

    R-Truth is next up and he decides to do it quickly and almost falls too but doesn't fall. R-Truth rolls up Carmella who gets mad at him and R-Truth says he's just making sure she didn't get infected from the stone.

    Dana Brooke uses her athletic ability and makes it through. She did a cartwheel on that bridge which wowed Carmella and R-Truth. Natalya makes it through and so does Jeff. Bizarrely, Jeff goes back to the bridge to the puzzlement of the others. Jeff says that he just couldn't help it and jumps off the bridge(He uses the Swanton Bomb) and crashes hard on the zombies. The others become sad but they reach the exit. Surprisingly, Jeff survives and reaches the exit.

    Once all these superstars have reached the exit, the voice from earlier is revealed to be the voice of.......Matt Hardy. Matt says he is the one who did it all and says he did it because he is broken.....and also because NXT stars wanted them out so they can takeover Raw and Smackdown. Matt then says that it's wonderful.

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      Amazing! I don't think my comments will do this justice. You have a very creative and vivid mind. 

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    Undertaker as he is already dead could protect me without turning into a zombie ;) why would you pick Lesnar? Then he would just get bitten and you would have a Lesnar Zombie after you! 

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      Kathy Smith, I never disrespected you. If you don't like my questions, then leave.

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    They wouldn’t have to worry about zombies if Brock Lesnar is there. 

    BQ1: I’d want all the wrestlers that know how to shoot a gun. Brock Lesnar, Steve Austin, and HBK, hunt all the time. I would also want Davey Richards there. He’s a paramedic. A paramedic would come in handy in a zombie apocalypse. 

    BQ2: I’m not really familiar with martial arts but I will have to go with Jackie Chan. 

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    Brock Lesnar would take all the zombies off the island and to Suplex City, Bich

    BQ Brock Lesnar, like i stated above.

    BQ 2 Jackie Chan, he is the only one I know.

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    They’re half naked men who rub eachother for an audience. What do you think would happen? They’d try rubbing a zombie then get eaten.

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