Do you think subwoofers are a foolish game to play?

Most kids try to go all out on their first system and spend their life savings on some suvwoofers. They usually wire them wrong (1 ohm to get the most power out of them) burn them out, 🔥 overheat the amp in the process, and end up with nothing 😢. (What im trying to say is they usually blow their subs in a day or so)


Yo what i meant to say was "Do you think subwoofers are a foolish game to play for begginers, if so what advice do you have for them?"

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    Only inexperienced people don't know what they're doing.

    I have two vehicles. I have an OLD 1995 vehicle and a new 2019 vehicle. They both have aftermarket sound system. The old vehicle is a powerful 10,000 watt system. The new vehicle is a decent 1,200 watt system. I've NEVER had any problems or burnt them up.

    Most people are annoyed with the sound of a low-end frequency which is what a subwoofer produces.

    I only bump it loud in traffic, on highways, and on the street. I lower it down while looking for parking lots in grocery stores and in other areas. I turn it OFF in gated communities of homes, apartments, condos, hotels, etc.

    I don't need to be notifying my neighbors what I have inside of my car and getting it stolen.

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    If subs are foolish, then cars are more foolish.

  • 1 month ago


    Every high quality sound system you've ever heard included a subwoofer.

    Ever been to a concert?  A movie?  Have a home theater?  They all use subs.

    If we eliminate everything that's ever been used improperly or to excess in a way someone doesn't approve of -- we won't be left with much.

  • don r
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    1 month ago

    When I was in school, they taught electronics. That isn't taught anymore in highschool.........

    Just as a game, yeah, I think subwoofers are foolish to play, but as a component they have a proper place and use.

    It's just like the guy next to me on the firing line with a .44 mag shooting 4's and 5's, and me with a .32 hitting 9's and 10's every shot.  

    I see you have 4 fake accounts to throw thumbs downs with now.

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