Mexico vs US?

What is a difference and a similarity between medical advances in US and Mexico? What is a difference and a similarity between the education of health in US and Mexico?


Analyze in detail any governmental or private initiative to increase the quality of life of the inhabitants. 

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  • 1 month ago

    THis is a class assignment. You need to do some research. I can tell you that the Mexican education system is divided into 12 years, like the US. However, students choose for middle school whether to major in sciences or humanities. It used to be rare for students to go on to high school- it's called "prepa" there, as in preparation for university, and that was only for the elite. But it's become much more common.

    Learning to read in Spanish is much easier than learning to read in English, because the letters always have the same sound. So less time is spent on reading in grades 1-3, and more time on math and other subjects. Teachers in the US often comment that students who come from Mexico in elementary school are usually ahead of Americans in math. 

    The Mexican government has invested heavily in university level in education, and most students have a beca, or scholarship, that pay all or most of their expenses. 

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