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I can't orgasm ?

when I was much younger and just started masturbating I would be able to orgasm very well, and I had a high libido. Now, at 20, I can't, whether on my own or with a partner. I don't know if it's because I don't work out enough, or I'm depressed, or anxious, or shy, or what it is. I've struggled with all those things before and could still do fine when I was younger. I just want to know what others say about this topic because it's very upsetting for me. 

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    Have you gained a significant amount of weight over the years? Do you eat a healthy well balanced diet. Because it literally may very well be the not working out.

    There's a direct correlation between circulation and sensation. If you have clogged arteries and reduced blood flow you are not going to achieve the same sensation or physiological response as before. 

    I actually have personal experience of the same. I haven't gained allot of weight persay, but my diet wasn't the healthiest. The amount of exercise & activity I was used to at a younger age significantly reduced as I got older. This definitely impacts sexual function. Also I think hydration can too.

    It's no joke that getting enough sleep, drinking more water, eating healthy, and exercising truly are the most important ways to take care of yourself. You will be at your healthiest, happiest, and most orgasmic if you watch your diet and stay active.

    I suggest that at bare minimum just to kind of jumpstart  yourself...start taking a walk around the block once a day. It's a starting point.

    Try including foods with healthy fats in your diet. Find ways to sneak in veggies. Quit junk foods. Pick out healthier replacements for your favorites. On days when you have in to treats, pair them with a healthy snack and take an extra walk.

    When you get your orgasm worth it! Stay sexy!! You can do it.

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      Thankyou! I havent gained much weight, in fact I've lost a bit of muscle mass. I don't have weight issues but used to be much more athletic and since I've been more sedentary I've had a loss of libido. This will not be easy. But thank you 

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    You should definitely get exercise and eat right - but that shouldn't stop you from having an orgasm.

    You might want to try a vibrator or other sex toy - but your man should also be down there putting in some work.

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    I don't see how a lack of working out would affect this, but it would be a good idea to discuss this with a doctor.

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    are you on Any meds including birth control pills?

    anti depressants & BC pills side effects Can include loss of libido

    • Jenna4 weeks agoReport

      Nope, I'm.not taking any meds or anti depressants nor birth control

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