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My mother won't let me go to my father;s during the holidays cause he cheated on her. How can I sway her mind to let me go?

Or how do I sway him to take her to court? I am getting punished cause of their hate for each other and my Dad's supposed mistake. My Dad denies having an affair, my Mom says he did. This is the first year I have hated Christmas and I am 15. They broke up in January after fighting all through last Christmas over a woman my mother says my Dad has sex with, he says he does not and that my mother is a liar. I have not been allowed to see my Dad since my grandfather's funeral in April.

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    This is really sad.  Nobody should dread Christmas because of their idiotic, immature parents, and this is what you've got right now. 

    I totally agree your Dad is overdue to go to court and establish his rights to you.   They are equal to your mom's, and it's puzzling he hasn't done this.  If you talk to him, though, try not to beg or plead.   Be polite, but let him know you're angry.   Ask him why he doesn't care enough about you to ENSURE he gets to see you?  Yes, it does cost money, but what's more important than his own kid?  

    Also, try to keep your focus off the affair that might have happened.   In a way, it's almost irrelevant.  Your parents have split, and neither one of them is helping you get through this.  

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    11 months ago

    Ask your father to go to court for visitation.

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    11 months ago

    maybe you should ask a lawyer about it

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    Your dad didn't cheat on you ! And if he did cheat on your mother, so what? She's trying to punish your father, not you But she's messing with your emotions and your relationship with you father.

    In other words, your mother is abusive of you.

    Who cares if your dad had an affair. What does that have to do with you? It has nothing to do with you.

    If a schedule of visitation was filed with the courts when your parents' divorce was finalized, and if your mother isn't following that schedule, then she's in contempt of court. Contempt of court can result in punishment, such as having to pay a fine or jail time. Maybe your father needs to notify the Courts about this, if there is visitation schedule filed.

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    That is unfair, especially at your age. Your dad should petition the court, and you should support his petition. Mom is not your only parent.

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    Tell you mother that if you don't get to see your dad, when you want, you'll make this Christmas "the worst mother f*cking christmas she's ever had the misfortune of seeing". Use the exact quote

    If she asks, what you mean by that, just explain, wait and see.

    If she still doesnt, burn the house down.

    ...or something like that.

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    11 months ago

    Just tell ur mother how it is, your dad found better p*ssy. 

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