Should I just tell my supervisor I'm looking for another job?

I'm debating if I should just tell my supervisor that I'm looking for another job.  I'm working for a security company as an armed guard and I learned today that I'm going to be required to buy my own gun.  Our previously issued firearms are being retired.  I purchased a Taurus PT145 back in 2006 and took my first concealed carry class.  Later I purchased a Glock 42 and took some advanced classes.  My recently I purchased a new Taurus G3 9mm.  I've had an S&W stainless .357 since forever.  They won't approve anything Taurus, stainless is not allowed and they told me today the Glock 42 was too small.  Accepted calibers are 9mm, .40, .45 and .38 for revolvers.  A local gun shop will give us a law enforcement discount on either a Glock 19, Glock 21 or Glock 23.  

We lost 2 guys today because they were both prohibited from owning a firearm but they were hired by a security company and each was issued a .38 revolver.  Now we are each required to have a handgun purchase permit issued by the local police department and we have to have anything we carry registered in our own name.  

I'm looking at another job, but for one of the jobs I'm looking at, they won't make a final decision until the first of the year.  I have several other applications out there.  I don't want to spend the money on a new gun but I'm not sure what happens if I refuse to buy one, my dad said that would be the same as quitting without notice.    


When the updated company policy came out, my supervisor had me come over to his computer, logged in with my employee number and password, scrolled through some stuff, checked some boxes and printed out what he did. All I did was watched, so I'm thinking I didn't really agree to this new policy???? I didn't even know what was happening until it was too late, in out done in less than 2 minutes.

I don't want to buy a new gun right now because I only plan to be here maybe a few more months.

Update 2:

Why I want to leave?  Management is stupid.  They expect me to carry on an empty chamber and if I get caught with one in the pipe, I will be fired on the spot.  They hired two convicted felons, issued them firearms and had them working next to me.  They issued me a revolver with bad ammo that would have got me killed had I needed it to defend myself.  $14/hr. to carry a gun.

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    That's stupid as all hell.  They should offer a reimbursement credit and have hired an attorney to do all of the legal work for you guys during the transition period.

    Your dad is wrong.  Declining to purchase a gun at your own expense would not be anything akin to quitting without notice.  It is the fault of the business that you're in this situation.  Hell, what would they do if literally every employee said they couldn't afford it?

    Decline to purchase.  Tell your supervisor they've put you in a bad situation and ask if he'd be willing to at least give you a written recommendation for another job.  I'm sure you won't be the only employee, and your company may be backed into rethinking all of this.

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    You have posted this every day for awhile... Normally don't tell your supervisor until you have an offer.. then give 2 weeks notice.

  • Eva
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    9 months ago

    Refusing to buy one will be considered insubordination and you will be fired.

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    9 months ago

    Tell your supervisor that you are updating your Resume/CV and ask if you can put their name down as a referee.

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  • 9 months ago

    I think your father is right. If you can't or won't do what the job is requiring you to do simply because you are not planning on being there too long, it says you refuse to do your job so they most likely will let you go anyway.

    If you tell your supervisor that you won't buy a gun because you plan on not staying here, you are inadvertently telling them you quit and you managed to speed up the process of having NO job. They'll let you go on the spot.

    I suggest to you is either quit now (which is a bad idea) as you never know when a new job will become available (I live by, never count on an outcome until it's very much in the bag) or buy the gun and do your job. You can always sell the gun later on. I suggest you give your two weeks' notice when you have %100 bagged a new job.

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