I have a Cleveland superior king craftsman trumpet, serial number 893 and was wonder how old it is and what it could be worth?

1 Answer

  • 9 months ago

    you can run a search for serial numbers from the King Cleveland company, which should give you the year of manufacture. Condition will determine price, but plan on being disappointed. You could also go on a site like Reverb where used instruments are sold, and see if you can find one there, to compare. This company had been gone for quite some time - I actually owned a King Cleveland flute when I was a kid - around 1962.

    Had a minute - ran several searches.  All three say that 893 was made in 1919, or at the latest 1921.  If this is in GREAT shapes - no serious dents, wear, etc. - then possibility a collector would make you an offer.  I do not think it would go to a modern player.  There is a trumpet-history.com site (I think that is right) and see what you find there.  Or Google for trumpet forums.  You could have a winner - or a potential desk lamp . . .

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