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Who the heck wants to live down south?

Their educational system sucks. I’m happy here in Massachusetts. We have the best schools and the best healthcare system.

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    I, like another commenter, lived in Savannah, Georgia. But only for about four months, and then I retreated back up north and I hope to never live in the deep south again.

    Savannah is a beautiful city, and there’s a lot of fun stuff going on there, and a surprisingly cosmopolitan crowd of young people. There are good restaurants and fun bars, and the historic district is just beautiful. But that said, it gets old quickly, and as a native New Yorker, it didn’t feel like it was really “enough”.

    Here were the negatives, and this is totally my personal opinion and experience.

    Southerners are not as educated or well traveled for the most part. I found it really difficult to make Southern friends (especially girls) that I could have an actual conversation with. I was stunned at how many typical Southern belle bimbos I actually met, who really didn’t care about anything besides how they looked and hooking a man that could take care of them. Some of them had literally no ambition in life.

    People drink a lot. Especially in Savannah, where there’s the whole open container thing going on - which is great, but still - I met a lot of alcoholics and people while I was out drinking - only to realize later that I had nothing in common with them and they were bad influences.

    Services are not as good as up in the north. I never wanted to see a doctor down there. I didn’t trust the medical system in the South as being too legit (after a couple personal experiences).

    It’s hot as hell, and the humidity is just oppressive - and I like the heat.

    The police in Savannah are very backwards/corrupt. I was having domestic issues with my then boyfriend - who was an alcoholic and living in my apartment in my name that he was not paying rent for. I called the cops when he was terrorizing me and trashing my place (and the neighbors and my landlords were complaining) and they refused to do anything because it was his “residence”. In fact, a female cop actually totally took his side and antagonised me. He finally got arrested for battery and went to jail there.

    Above-mentioned landlord threatened me via text messages that he was going to “shoot to kill” my ex bf if he tried to break into the property again. He broke the window to get in, and again the cops did not penalize him. Anyways, it is not normal in the north for anyone to threaten to shoot someone for trespassing. This was a little over the top.

    People are fake. Southerners will act like your best friend and turn on you quite fast. They are more duplicitous, and they don’t like you if you’re from the north. I once overheard my neighbor straight ragging on me for 10 minutes on the phone to a friend - I didnt even know her name but she had a litany of complaints against me…. “I was spacey” (I’m in med school btw), “She drives a red Mercedes, I guess her parents must have a lot of money, I don’t even think she has a job”, etc. I was stunned that someone I spoke to once for five minutes could be such a *****. People don’t mind their own business.

    There is a lot of crime outside of the historic district. People are really poor and uneducated and there are gangs in Savannah, and a lot of gun violence. This doesn’t happen in the historic district, but things change in a matter of a block or two. An area goes from good to bad pretty quickly.

    As a northerner, you forget just how huge slavery was in this country and you are reminded of that fact when you move to the deep south and see the aftermath of it. Huge populations of black people struggling in ways you just don’t see up north.

    Drug laws - you’ll go to jail for like a gram of marijuana. Backwards and nuts. And if you’re black and poor, forget it - you will go to jail and actually be on probation for a year if the cops find a gram on you.

    That said, there are lots of things I miss about Savannah, and I cant speak for the entire south. Overall, I’m more comfortable living in the northeast. Things are just a little more palatable for me here.

    I also visited New Orleans while I was living in the South. I heard such amazing things, but unfortunately I was not impressed and wouldn’t plan on returning. It felt really dodgy to me (like one of the dodgiest places Ive been to and I’ve traveled a lot). There is a charm to the French quarter, but a lot of it is just a disaster, high crime, and not nice.

    Some surprisingly pleasant things about my experiences in the South:

    black-white relations don’t seem as strained as in the north - I generally found most black Southerners to be much kinder and less hostile towards me than some northern Black people that have treated me rudely and acted entitled towards me because I’m white and they’re black - which is kind of ironic. (I never heard a white person speak badly of blacks in the south either, but there’s an unstated distrust).

    People are more conservative, which I don’t mind.

    Life is more relaxed. The pace is slower. People are generally friendly and outgoing, and it’s easy to talk to strangers

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    Heck??? Who talks like that? Maybe you need to go to a decent school, dumbass!

  • 1 month ago

    A lot of people the south has great food and culture 

  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    Apparently people who don't don't want to pay Massachusetts tax rates.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Usually the conservatards

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    I don't disagree with your assertion.  If you're youngish, have or expect to have children, have a good job, then there is no good reason to leave Massachusetts. 

    However, at some point you won't be young, you won't have children in the school system and you will grow weary of certain aspects of living in New England.

     - Taxes

     - Cost of Living

    - Traffic

    - December 26th to the end of May every year

    - Ocean water so cold you can't go in, even in late August

    That school system and the RomneyCare that you enjoy come at the cost of high taxes - MA has income tax, property tax, sales tax, plus every other damn tax you can imagine.  

    You can't buy a detached home in eastern MA that is reasonably close to where the jobs are for less than $750K.  Sure I know someone who bought a condo for $250K, but that was in Uxbridge.  Living in Uxbridge and working in Dedham = commute from hell.  Uxbridge was the closest they could find a place they could afford.

    A day will come when you're shlepping to your job in late March and a gust of wind is going to blow up a swirl snow off the ground, that snow is going to find its way down the back of your neck and you are going to say to yourself I $%ing HATE winter in New England.

    Someday you're going to take a vacation in March to Fort Meyers to watch Red Sox spring training and you're going to discover that it's pretty damn nice in Florida in the winter.  You're going to discover that you could buy a waterfront (on a canal) property for less than $500K and that there is no income tax (like New Hampshire, but without the high property tax).    You're going to start thinking living down south might not be such a bad idea after all.

    Source(s): Ex-north shore commuter who after 30 years of wearing out the pavement on I495 saw the light. My kids were out of college, I sold my McMansion and pocketed enough $ to pay for a place in FL with cash. Now when it's 70 degrees I think it's cold.
  • 1 month ago

    Define the "south". That is an imprecise term at best. 

  • 1 month ago

    I'm guessing you didn't have a real question and just wanted to slag the south

  • 1 month ago

    Well, we do have that here in Massachusetts, which is a source of pride for us. But the reason on why people live down south is mainly because of the warmer weather.

  • Matt
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    1 month ago

    I'd rather live down in a southern state...

    Better weather, nicer people, better food, less taxes, lower cost of living to name a few.

    Source(s): New York State citizen.
    • Eastside Guz
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      I am with Matt. More of a laidback lifestyle for most of the south and most of the time you will not freeze to death like in northern states (I was in Alberta, Canada in the wintertime...).

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