Why don’t fishermen just walk backwards instead of reeling?

Seems like once they have a fish they can save a lot of time and hassle by just jogging away from the shore. Of course this doesn’t work on boats or crowded fishing areas, but if you’re casting from the shore...

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  • Matt
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    1 month ago
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    Fishing line has a limited tensile strength, the fish may not be hooked very well, and the fish can pull too. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Starting with the obvious fact that jogging away from shore doesn't bring the fish any closer to the fisherman, and continuing to the obvious fact that reeling in can be done with one hand.  It is less "time and hassle" than jogging away from shore which would drag your fish, and your fishing line against sticks and rocks that could snag, damage, or break your line and hurt your fish/meat.  Less obvious is that in many cases, Anglers don't use the reel and fishing line to pull the fish out of the water, that could break your line.  It is much more common to use the reel fishing line to get the fish close to the boat/shore so you can bring the fish in by hand or net.

    • Kripa4 weeks agoReport

      Walking backwards is a good way to pull the fish to the person with the net, but never out of the water, unless you are confident that the fish isn't big or strong enough to break the line.  Besides breakage, there are other ways fish can become unhooked especially once they are out of the water.

  • 1 month ago

    Your question - is the perfect example why countries all over the world hate Americans.  They totally hate and despise us because people like you - with no clue what-so-ever about a subject …… will make stupid, silly comments and offer them up as a real suggestion. 

    People have been fishing since dirt, rocks, and air was invented.  That you lack the mental capacity to critically think this through - is scary

    That folks like you vote - is scarier.  

    • Kripa4 weeks agoReport

      walking backwards is already harder than turning a reel, even more so in a place where people fish like a pier, a boat, a rocky shoreline or cliff. turning the reel is also more effective at bringing the fish closer to the Angler, as walking backwards will never bring the fish any closer.

  • The line would get Tangled up and you have to have it reeled in in order to cast out again anyways

    • Kripa4 weeks agoReport

      Line memory causes the line to coil on itself, wind causes it to blow around, the fine/translucent nature of fishing line makes it difficult to manage the line in an orderly organized way.  That is unless you have a fishing reel.

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  • 1 month ago

    How are they supposed to grab the fish once its out of the water genius?

    • Kripa4 weeks agoReport

      I once caught a fish.  I killed it, bleed it out, cleaned it and filleted it.  The MFer still made it back into the water before I could eat it.

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