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Can someone help me write a sonnet?? Please ?

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    Pick a subject, or theme, by letting your emotions go and start writing anything that comes in your head.

    Start with an unaccented syllable, like the word "the" or "A" followed by an accented syllable, like "One day, not long ago" where the accented syllables go down and up (called iambs) and each line having just 5 iambs, or 10 syllables, with every other line rhyming in 4 lines, or a stanza, called a quatrain.

    One day, not long ago, when looking past

    the time I saw you looking for someone,

    And I said "here I am, I'm here at last"

    You stared as if to say that I was done.

    In the second stanza explain the theme in more detail , but in the 3rd stanza turn the theme around with an opposing view, usually starting the stanza with "But." In this poem, it would be like "But then just as I crossed the street to you."

    Then write 2 more lines at the end, called a couplet, to summarize or theorize something, like, "Two people drawn together by a flame / Are moths in love and light and are the same."

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    sorry i didn't do that now for my homework so i dont know how

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    Give me a topic!?!?!?

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